Actualité 20.12.2008

2008 Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence winners announced

“Canadian Architect announces the winners of the 2008 Awards of Excellence, given each year to architects and architectural graduates for buildings in the design stage. One of only two national award programs devoted exclusively to architecture, the Awards of Excellence have recognized significant building projects in Canada on an annual basis since 1968.

This year’s winners have been selected by a jury consisting of Christine Macy, professor of architectural design and history at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Siamak Hariri of Hariri Pontarini Architects in Toronto, and Bing Thom of Bing Thom Architects Inc. in Vancouver.

Awards are given for architectural design excellence. Jurors considered response to the program, site, geographical and social context, and evaluated physical organization, structure, materials and environmental features.”

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(Source: Canadian Architect Newsletter of December 16 2008)