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Kevin Weiss and Sophie Tremblay | Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited
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Left: "Recyclying Words" designed by KANVA | Right: "The Hole Idea" designed by Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited.

« Winnipeg’s annual Warming Huts Competition 2015 roster from Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Norway and Mexico! »

« For the 2015 submissions, entries either fell into a Shelter or Installation category. The submissions were then reviewed by a “blind” jury, meaning they have no background information on who submitted the designs or where they are from. The jury, who reviewed more than 100 submissions from around the globe, chose two winning Shelter designs and one Installation.

The winners are Recyclying Words, designed by KANVA  from Montreal, Canada, and The Hole Idea, designed by Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited from Toronto, Canada and This Big by Tina Soil & Luca Roncoroni from Droebak Akershus, NORWAY who won in Warming Huts v.2013 for their entry, Wind Catcher.


By nvitation:

  • The Hybrid Hut by: Rojkind Arquitectos, from México D.F. MÉXICO

Warming Hut additions:

  • Mirror Cloaking by: University of Manitoba, from Winnipeg
  • RAW: almond, from Winnipeg
  • 6043, designed & constructed by Kelvin High School, from Winnipeg. Supported by: Red River Mutual. »

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