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FROM LEFT TO RIGHT : Winning projects from Québec : Bellechasse Transport Centre / Lemay (Award of Merit) | Free / Open Source City / Samuel Gendron Fortier, Université de Montréal (Student Award of Excellence) | From Matter to Place / Pierre-Olivier Demeule, Université Laval (Student Award of Excellence)

Winners of Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence Announced

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« Canadian Architect magazine is proud to announce the winners of its 2019 Awards of Excellence. The annual awards honour design excellence for projects in the design and construction phases, as well as graduating student work.

The projects must be completed by architects residing in Canada, or by graduates of Canadian architecture schools living either in Canada or abroad. Awards are given for architectural design excellence. Jurors will consider the scheme’s response to the client’s program, site, geographic and/or urban context. They will evaluate its physical organization, form, composition, building systems, concept, process, structure, materials, environmental features and/or demonstration of social awareness.

This year’s program also included an architectural photography award.

The jury included Rami Bebawi of KANVA, Joe Lobko of DTAH and Cindy Wilson of LWPAC/Intelligent City. Photographer Ema Peter was an additional member of the jury for the photo awards only.

The winners are:

Awards of Excellence

Awards of Merit

Student Awards of Excellence

Photo Award of Excellence

Photo Awards of Merit

Read the jury report here. »

Full articles on each project presented in the December issue of Canadian Architect…

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