Vernissage – Architect Peggy Ann Turner – "Offerings"

« Peggy Ann Turner (B. Arch 1980) is pleased to present her art exhibition series, “Offerings” based on her trip to Bali in August 2010.  She was inspired by these artistically arranged packages of trimmed palm leaves, small squares of banana leaves, filled with fragrant flowers, food and incense. When they are freshly made, the shape, intense colour and fragrance appeal to all the senses.  These offerings are like edible art installations that a contemporary artist could only dream of creating. These Balinese offerings can be seen everywhere.  On elaborate table settings, on arching bamboo poles lining roadsides, on woman’s heads and on the ground at thresholds.  They are gifts to the gods with beautifully cut leaves in different shapes.  They are temporary works of art since they are eaten or left to return to nature.

Each work was approached in a unique way whether it was presented in plan or elevation, from far way or up close or expressing different moods. The “offerings” are presented in different size formats, exploring the sense of scale. In her collages, there is a putting together of different images and creating a new whole. Collage is a layering of thoughts and ideas as well as paper and glue.  Positioning images, textures, and objects in layer after layer. There is always an underlying structure in each work, bringing order out of chaos.  It’s an organic building process that produces extremely complex surfaces that are rich in texture, value contrasts and colour intensities.

Peggy Ann creates visually exciting images that express her personal sensitivity to design. The art, however, is not completed until there is a viewer…someone to take the images and construct their own meaning.  Peggy Ann’s “Offerings” are for the viewers.

The vernissage will be held at the MAA (2070, rue Peel, Montréal) on Saturday April 2nd from 2pm-5pm. The exhibit will be on display from April 2nd to 30.

Peggy Ann Turner is a Montreal artist and architect. She is a partner with her husband Glenn Peterson in Peterson Architects. Their firm specializes primarily in single and multi family residential design since 1986. »

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(Source: David Krawitz, Administrative Officer, McGill School of Architecture)


Art Miskew

Peggy Ann,

I went to school with you in Edinburgh and then Dawson. Another Edinbugh classmate, Scott Grafton, showed me the article about you in the Gaz last year. Congrats on your work.

Art Miskew

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