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Wellbeing Cities Forum | « A Global Conversation and Celebration of Wellbeing in Cities » 🗓

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« Currently cities are home to more than half of the global population, and in another 30 years predictions are that 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Cities need to take an active role in the continuous improvements of citizen wellbeing.

One of the best ways of sparking this movement is to bring together all urban players – public, private and non-profit audiences, and look at and consider exemplar wellbeing programs and policies from around the world.

The Wellbeing Cities Forum will be held, in partnership with the City of Montréal and under the auspice of Mayor Valérie Plante, from June 19 to 20 in Montréal, Canada. The event is part of the international Wellbeing City Award – an initiative developed in partnership with Novartis Foundation and Novartis US Foundation and supported by the City of Montréal, Transdev and Toyota Mobility Foundation.

The Forum and Ceremony is expected to attract more than 300 senior leaders from around the world. Delegates will explore best practices in city-led action to improve citizen wellbeing through workshops, panels, and debates. The formal ceremony to honour the 2019 Wellbeing City Award laureates will be held on June 19.

The Wellbeing Cities Forum will be held at Centre des Sciences, Montréal, Canada. »

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