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Montréal Master Class | A three-day North American introduction to Bicyle Urbanism 🗓

Announcement from Copenhagenize :

« September 22-24

The Montréal Master Class is a three-day immersion in Bicycle Urbanism that equips passionate individuals with the tools to launch their cities into a bicycle-friendly future

A dynamic North American metropolis with strong links to European culture and lifestyle, Montréal is the perfect place to understand how best-practice bicycle planning is beginning to take root in cities on this side of the pond. In recent years, it has become one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the Americas by adapting best practices from Northern Europe to North American realities.

Along with gaining a deep understanding of the ongoing transformations of Copenhagen and Montréal, the 2021 Montréal Master Class will cover engaging topics including global bicycle urbanism, infrastructure design, data collection, and effective communication. The program is jam-packed with of presentations, tours, workshops, guest talks and participants will also get to explore Montreal’s unique cityscape and world-famous food scene. »

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About Copenhagenize

« Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re a team of passionate individuals who work towards making cities better places to live. We’re not cyclists, we’re just people who happen to get around by bike – and we know that increasing the number of bicycle users in any city is an integral part of improving our quality of life. That’s why we focus on work centred on bicycles-as-transport, through infrastructure, planning, communications and education.

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, we offer a diversity of bicycle urbanism-related services. Our team is trained in planning, design and coaching strategies to support client cities, governments and organisations as they seek to become more bicycle-friendly. »

We’re good at what we do, but even more importantly – we love doing it. »

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