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FLDWRK: A New Research and Design Collective Repositioning Design as a Tool for Activism

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« Toronto, Canada, 07-06-2022 – FLDWRK is a new research and design collective which investigates current systemic transitions in society, seeking to improve today’s designs of the modern practice model and its values, while also challenging those of tomorrow.

Created by the trans-disciplinary architecture and design firm, Lemay, the new collective is an open, fluid, and continually evolving studio without borders that brings a radical practice of applied research and theory to address social challenges and injustice through its workshops, teachings, and collaborations.

Led by Andrew King, with expertise from Director Rob Fiorino, and Research and Design Leads Jeff Ma and Julia Pascutto, FLDWRK was formed from the combination of Lemay’s lemayLAB and King’s academic and design research initiative, AKA. »

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