Engineering first cuts 35% off construction time

« Groundbreaking construction is soon to commence on a commercial development which could prove in practise the results of a recent study by Stanhope and Arup. Developers Stanhope and engineers Arup ran a study to develop a new commercial building solution, applying practises already in existence within infrastructure, which could reduce construction time by up to 35%.

The Sandwich Plate System (SPS) is a flooring technique which could be used instead of steel or post tensioned concrete. SPS Floors use a structural composite developed by Intelligent Engineering, which comprises two metal plates bonded to a polyurethane core. The floors act compositely with the steel frame and are 75% lighter than concrete. Panels are delivered to site prefabricated and the floors are ready and safe to use as soon as they are secured in position. »

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(Source: World Architecture News Newsletter of August 5 2008)

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