Come Up To My Room 2009

« This annual event takes place from Thursday, February 5 to Sunday, February 8, 2009 on the second floor of the historic Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.

Come Up To My Room is an alternative design show focusing on the diverse practices that work outside the norms of traditional design: multidisciplinary, independent, emerging and self-taught, all within the backdrop of our historic 120-year-old hotel. Each year, Come Up To My Room generates excitement in the Canadian design community as an edgy showcase for Canadian contemporary art/design practice.

Come Up To My Room curators select participating designers and artists based on their past work. Once the « designers » have been selected they are invited to choose one of the 11 exhibition rooms on the hotel’s second floor and the curators are not allowed in until the show starts. This rock ‘n roll approach ensures that the designers are given the opportunity to « bring it! » to the event and create a site-specific installation following their own personal vision. Participants are required to showcase new work produced specifically for this event. Work presented at Come Up To My Room inhabits the crossover world between art and design. Come Up To My Room is a chance for artists/designers to push limits and explore new territory by showcasing personal dream projects and to refuel or challenge themselves creatively. It is an opportunity to reveal another side of their creative self. This strategy means that at this point we can only tempt you with what the designers have done before and imagine what they will create for Come Up To My Room 2009. »

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(Source: Canadian Architect)

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