City of Toronto – 2009 Festival of Architecture and Design

« In May 2009, Toronto will be celebrating the 5th year of the Festival of Architecture and Design (fAd). The festival offers an entire month of activities and events by the architecture and design-related communities such as exhibitions, films, lectures, book launches, readings and walking tours. Meet local designers and international architects, activists and academics. Celebrate good design and discover how it shapes our city and enriches our lives.

The calendar for fAd 2009 is currently being compiled. This year, fAd event registration and the festival calendar moves online! This offers festival participants increased convenience in submitting their event information. The public will also have more direct access to information and the ability to search festival listings. »

For more information on the 2009 Toronto Festival of Architecture and Design…

(Source: Canadian Architect Newsletter of March 24 2009)

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