Call for entries – "One Prize" Annual Green Design Competition – "Mowing to Growing"

« Seeking architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, scientists, artists, students and individuals of all backgrounds:

_ How can we break the American love affair with the suburban lawn?
_ Can green houses be incorporated in skyscrapers?
_ What are the urban design strategies for food production in cities?
_ Can food grow on rooftops, parking lots, building facades?
_ What is required to remove foreclosure signs on lawns and convert them to gardens?

We are launching this competition in the context of larger issues concerning the environment, global food production and the imperative to generate a sense of community in our urban and suburban neighborhoods. From Mowing to Growing is not meant to transform each lawn into a garden, but to open us up to the possibilities of self-sustenance, organic growth, and perpetual change. In particular, we seek specific technical, urbanistic, and architectural strategies not simply for the food production required to feed the cities and suburbs, but the possibilities of diet, agriculture, and retrofitted facilities that could achieve that level within the constraints of the local climate.

The ONE Prize award is an international competition and it is open to everyone. The proposals can be for a real or speculative project, for one or more real sites, and located either in the U.S. or applicable to U.S. sites. Further, the proposals need not be generated exclusively for this competition, provided that they  address the intent of the competition.

The winner will receive $10,000 cash award. The five finalists will receive prominent year-long exposure on the competition website; presentation of designs at the award ceremony and web symposium and will be featured in the media sponsors. The web symposium will provide a platform to match the finalists with leading experts in fields relevant to farming, urban agriculture, planning, market analysis and land use development.

The winner will receive $1,000 cash award, prominent year-long exposure on competition website; presentation of designs at the award ceremony and web symposium and will be featured in the media sponsors. »

Deadline for registration is March 31st 2010.

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(Source: Kim Poliquin, Executive Director, SHIFT Boston)

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