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CCA Institutional Performance Festival | Selection of African projects from Roger D’Astous and Victor Prus 🗓

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« Meeting, in English, online, 16 November, 2pm

Each day this week, one of our internal meetings is open to the public as part of the first CCA Institutional Performance Festival. This is an opportunity to hear how the institution speaks in private, to encounter the people behind the projects, and to get a sense of the operation of an international research centre for architecture. No special programming is planned: these will be real meetings, with everything that entails.

The Institutional Performance Festival was created at the How to: disturb the public workshop in 2019. It was imagined as a physical event that would welcome you into the private spaces of the building—and today, with most of our meetings online, we can welcome even more people around a virtual table.

In Part One, Collection staff will meet and look at objects to be photographed or scanned and made available online. They will be selecting African projects from the Roger D’Astous and Victor Prus archives.

During the performance please act as if you are at the theatre. Before and after the meeting, there will be a conversation with the CCA Public team and opportunities to ask questions. »

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