Ingénieurs en structure de Montréal

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Ingénieurs en structure de Montréal
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Prochaine conférence | Tanya Lüthi (Vancouver) | Brock Commons, an 18-story mass timber building 🗓

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Brock Commons, an 18-story mass timber building

18h / mercredi 22 février 2017
Université McGill

This presentation will be held in English
Cette présentation aura lieu en anglais


Tanya Lüthi is a licensed professional engineer and an associate at Fast + Epp structural engineers, a Vancouver-based firm known for innovative and architecturally expressive wood structures. She served as project lead on the Mountain Equipment Co-op head office building, one of the largest contemporary timber buildings in Canada. She now manages Fast + Epp’s New York City office. Before joining Fast + Epp in 2011, Tanya worked in New York for Leslie E. Robertson Associates. She has a bachelor’s degree in politics from Princeton University and a master’s degree in civil engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.

Description de la conférence
Brock Commons, an 18-story mass timber building currently under construction at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, will be the tallest wood building in the world upon completion in the summer of 2017. Using cross-laminated timber floor panels in a simple, clean design that eliminated the need for beams, the timber structure was erected in just nine weeks with a small crew of laborers. Designed on a fast-track schedule and built for a modest construction budget, this project can help pave the way for future mass timber buildings in urban environments. This presentation will give an overview of the design and construction of the building, with a particular focus on the structure. »

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